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About us

Maritime Law Agency (MLA) was founded in 2005 and since this time providing full legal service to their clients in the fields of the Civil law, Law of the sea, Maritime law, Fishing law and Arbitration. It also practices in consulting, auditing and ocean management training. MLA team will provide you with assistance in various forms - from the full legal support and audit your business, to a one-time assessment and ad hoc consultations. We guarantee respect for your business and always correlate our ambitions with your capabilities. Our experts will help you to resolve the dispute the most efficient way, trying not to bring the conflict arose before the court, and if necessary, will do their best in defending your interests before the courts, both in Russian and abroad. Our educational center provides services in additional professional education in various branches of law; conducting educational courses and practical training. Center for International Law studies performs scientific research, prepare scientific materials and informational materials, conducting scientific conferences, seminars, round tables, meetings and creative discussions. The Centre also assists in the preparation of post-graduate students writing scientific papers and dissertations .